Sunday, June 22, 2008

Update, June 21st 2008

Back up on eBay, these two lovely ladies:

G1 Stablemate Native Dancer to black tobiano (<-- click to see auction)

Border Fine Arts mare, removed from base and done to a flaxen chestnut (<-- click to see auction)

Both are LSQ, the BFA is a Live Show winner!

Dragon Ridge Custom feature:

Name unknown(didn't have one when I sold him). Breyer Peruvian Paso/"Inolvidable" mold. Done in pastels and acrylics to a dappled rose gray.

Sold on eBay, current owner and show record unknown.

Random pet photo of the day, my favorite photo of Smudge:

We still miss you, baby boy...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Latest from DRS

Yes, I'm still here. Just not blogging all that much.

Customized Border Fine Arts mare on eBay, click here to see all photos and details!


Well, the dog OS project is a flop. Due to my screwing up, the sculpture was ruined when I primered it, then tried to strip it with Power Dissolver. Yeah...

So, no more OS's for now. I'll be focusing on customizing existing model dogs instead.

Custom orders are moving along. I had to take a break for a week to recover from oral surgery(three wisdom teeth pulled, ow). But I am picking up the slack now.

I will post progress photos soon!

DRS Custom Feature!


This is "Tallcloud", a custom Breyer Nokota in flaxen chestnut sabino. He placed second in his very first live show. He has since been sold, and happily resides in Washington state with his new owner.

Si photo of the day:


What a weird cat...