Monday, February 8, 2010

February 2010

Hello again and welcome! Here's the latest as of February 2010:

Books are currently open for model horse and dog commissions, nothing over $150(for straight repaints, re-sculpting may be more, depending on the work needed)

Custom Orders in progress:

- Kathleen Moody Foxhound for CSM: 3/4 done, pictures soon.

- Rolling SM Draft Horse for LG: 3/4 done, pictures soon.

- SM Mustang Ornament: Started, will pick up the pace as soon as the above two are finished.

Customs for sale:

-"WBP Kalliel", pony gelding sculpted by Chris Jolly of Jahlee Designs. Done in pastels and acrylics to a shaded bay. Auction can be found here:

-Breyer G3 Stablemate Friesian with re-sculpted mane and tail, to a shaded chestnut. Done in pastels and acrylics. Auction can be found here:

Upcoming Customs:

-Custom Breyer Foxhound, repositioned into a jumping pose by Emily McFadden/Ghost Wolf Ranch. Will be repainted by me
-Breyer Impress Me Shannon/Zippo Pine Bar, straight repaint(no color decided yet, probably an overo pinto)
-Stone Chips Arabian straight repaint, possibly rose gray.

In other news:

Winter is still holding fast to our area, temps are a lot colder than normal, and they'll be getting colder before they improve.

Art feature of the day/Shameless plug:

Some digital flat art by me, click the image or the title below for a larger view:

Darkening Sky by ~Tephra76 on deviantART

That's all for today, see you soon!